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New Unique and Antimainstream Doraemon Wedding Decoration

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Are you a fan of Doraemon anime? Fujiko F Fujio’s work is one of the most popular anime in the world. His fame made some fans want to implement life in Doraemon into real life. From simple Doraemon room decorations to the cartoon-themed wedding decorations. Curious how the anime decoration model is this one? That’s why, just check out our full review of Doraemon wedding decorations that we’ll be reviewing below. Hopefully be inspiring.

New unique and Antimainstrem Doraemon wedding decoration ideas

Holding a wedding event according to the theme that we like must be a pride of its own, let alone the theme is related to favorite cartoon characters like Doraemon. This special moment will certainly be more special with the nuance of the fairy-tale country in Doraemon. No wonder that the demand for Doraemon decoration lately began to be widely applied by the prospective bride. Maybe you guys who come to this blog one of them.

Some of Doraemon’s wedding decorations can be used for reference when you want to create a Doraemon wedding party theme. Creating this cartoon theme is actually quite easy, you only have to play the color between blue and white, especially about the selection of ceiling decorations, curtains, flowers, to the decoration of the lesson. A glimpse of Doraemon’s wedding decorations may seem difficult, but it’s really easy as long as you two exchanged thoughts to determine the best décor.

How, interested in the decoration of Doraemon wedding?

That’s about the info about Doraemon’s unique and antimainstream wedding decorations. The above decoration is perfect for both of you who like Doraemon anime aka Big fan. Or for both of you who do want a wedding has a different theme than usual.

But still remember, for the problem of traditional ceremonies such as Javanese traditions, Jogja, Sunda, or Bali must match ancestors of the past, do not ikut-ikutan marriage ala Doraemon ya hehe. Many reviews are interesting on this occasion and hopefully always give the best inspiration for all of you. Greetings nomination.

Gallery of New Unique and Antimainstream Doraemon Wedding Decoration

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