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Having a small living room doesn’t mean you miss the chance to have a simple living room that looks more stylish and functional. The small living room furniture arrangement technique is a challenge in itself. But what you should know is that a simple living room decoration can actually be easier to be prepared compared to a living room that has a relatively large size.

Besides being easier to tidy up the living room that has a small size, there are tricks to arrange a simple living room to be more attractive and pleasing to the eyes. Of course, this is very hard to do with decorating the living room itself. Well, for those of you who are looking for a simple modern living room decoration but stay current, here we share some of the latest living room decor models that might in giving you more inspiration.

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As the living room becomes one of our daily activity center space, it is very important to consider the functional aspects. In spite of that, the design of a simple living room should also be made more simple, tidy, and far from a messy and narrow impression. Not enough to only be functional, the selection of furniture sizes should also always be observed in order to later not make the room feels narrow alias. Small and simple furniture size options, so it is able to give a wide effect in our living room.

In addition, do not forget to give a touch in terms of wall art or decoration. A rather high installation of wall hangings will help to draw attention to the vertical space as well as help distract from the living room’s field. For example, you can put a flat screen screen in a simple living room wall to replace many paintings and photographs. If necessary, add photos of your family togetherness so that the living room interiors feel warmer and comfortable for family gatherings.

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Some pictures of a simple living room decoration above can be a source of reference when undergoing renovation of the living room. The point is that simplicity not only speaks about the expensive or not the furniture and decorations, but it speaks about the side of a design. Hopefully useful and always give positive inspiration to you all.