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Cafe Lesehan design with contemporary local wisdom

Having a food sales business for the moment is promising. Especially if you mengargetkan young people, then the choice of café can be a very reliable option. It’s not easy to start. From preparation to the ripening, we have to think about it. One of the ones that is not less is the design of cafe to be used.

If we look at the successful cafes that mushroomed around us, most of them use the concept of Lesehan. Sitting Lesehan turns out to provide better comfort than when eating a sitting position. EITs But remember, the concept of Lesehan should be adjusted to your target consumers Lho. Therefore, think of them all in a mature way to make maximum results.
Meanwhile, for the problem of model Lesehan Café, we have on this occasion to share some of the cafe design ideas Lesehan unique, simple, and contemporary according to local wisdom. Curious right? Direct read more about the following café designs.

Pictures of Model Cafe Lesehan with the latest local wisdom

cafe design by

Historically, the concept of Lesehan was originally used by the sellers to show the merchandise casually while sitting in Lesehan. This relaxed atmosphere is finally used by culinary entrepreneurs to make food stalls or cafes with the concept of Lesehan.

But the excess lesehan not only until there. The position of sitting Lesehan can also help increase metabolism as well as the digestive system of our body Lho. Thus, in addition to creating a relaxed atmosphere, the concept of Lesehan can also help improve the health of our body.

Usually Lesehan concept is identical with local culture such as using home gazebo material or other elements. You can also use it to beautify the café interior. Don’t forget to set the lighting to be more comfortable and feel calm when consumers eat in your stalls.

Some examples of the design of the newest café Lesehan you can make a source of inspiration when you want to build a café that is contemporary.

How, interested to try the interior models of the café Lesehan above?

Such a short review about the design of the café Lesehan simple and simple that we can present on this occasion. Hopefully if it can be useful and add a source of reference café interior for you. If there are less obvious please contact us via no WA here.

Gallery of Cafe Lesehan design with contemporary local wisdom

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